Events and Notifications

Features Breakdown

Live Events

BreeCS has the ability to poll the Net2 server for system events in real time. The events list will contain information on user activity such as access granted or denied, information along with highlighting of barred users and general system information about the access control system as a whole.

Image Verification Notifications

Image verification is a simple and quick way to monitor who has entered and left your site. All turnstiles / ACU's are automatically monitored so there is nothing to setup. In addition to the live popup's there is also a report available listing all users for the current day so you will always know who's been on your site.

Text To Speech Server

The TTS Server accepts input from BreeCS when someone passes through your turnstile. Messages for both IN and OUT can be set, and changed, at any time. Wildcard support is included so you could type in "Hello, %FirstName%" or "Hello, %FullName%" and have BreeCS greet them by name upon entry and/or exit!

Barred User Notifications

If a barred user (with notifications) attempts to access site BreeCS will highlight the entry bright red within the live events and display an alert informing the operator a barred user attempted to access site, who the user was, where the violation occurred and display the users image if one was set on enrolment.

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