• Net2 Integrated
    Complete integration into Net2 allows BreeCS to fully manage the database and all users contained within it.
  • iEvo & Suprema Integrated
    Simply click a button on enrolment (or when editing a user) to administer a new fingerprint and wiegand/token number.
  • HandKey 2 Integrated
    Simply click a button on enrolment (or when editing a user) to administer a new handkey and wiegand/token number.
  • CSCS Integrated
    Easily grab a users picture, basic information and CSCS card images with BreeCS Watchdog.
  • Pre-enrolment
    Pre-enrolment allows sites to streamline inductions by spending less time filling out forms.
  • Cloud Mail
    You can email any Filter, Report or Timesheet entry. Just enter an email address!
  • Co2 Reporting
    Co2 reporting for both users and deliveries to site. Pie chart breakdown with extended legend.
  • Localism Reporting
    Local Labour and Local Deliveries reporting. Pie chart breakdown with extended legend.
  • Extended Reporting
    Trades, Apprentices and Trainees, Metrics, Image Verification and Drugs & Alcohol reporting.
  • Time & Attendance
    Timesheet with hours worked and days on site. Explore individual users or complete departments.
  • Fire Roll Call
    Two click Fire Roll Call reporting with the option to print or export into HTML or CSV format.
  • Strike System
    The strike system allows sites to issue Yellow and Red cards for warnings and removal from site.
  • View Modes
    With both a Simple view and Advanced view mode, this puts the end user in full control over what they see and how they interact with the system.
  • Filters
    Simple yet powerful filters let you drill on down data and display only what is relevant. Filters can be used to take action against the resulting users.
  • Real Time Events
    Information on user activity such as access granted or denied, barred users and general system information with full event highlighting.
  • Search
    You can search for a user currently displayed in the list (as determined by the current filter) by either first name, surname or both.
  • Deliveries with Web App
    By completing a short form either at the PC in which BreeCS resides or via the Web App you can add deliveries to your site and calculate the Co2.
  • FREE Branding
    BreeCS can be fully customised with your company branding and best of all it's completely FREE! Make contact today to find out more.