Fire Roll Call

Features Breakdown

Fire Roll Call

Clicking the Fire Roll Call button in either the simple or advanced view gives you a dialog from which you can select various options. You can generate a report for the entire site or just a specific area, add optional page breaking and complete contractor segregation and the ability to send network instructions to all connected ACU's / turnstiles to put them in "free spin".

Fire Roll Call Report

With two clicks of the mouse you can easily create a Fire Roll Call report within BreeCS. The report can be printed and/or exported into CSV and HTML format (with Base64 embedded images) making it easy to forward on the report without the need to attach additional image files. You can also email the report, just enter an email address! Each report produces a list of users that are currently on site with optional contractor segregation. Each contractor has it's own header, when printed page breaks are automatically added so fire marshals can each be handed a separate list. Before each name is a tick box which can used to mark off users by pen or electronically.

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